Green Future News believes that killing animals for pleasure is cruel, unnecessary, and has no place in a civilised society.

Humans have no right to take the life of an animal for recreation. Animals suffer stress and pain when they are hunted. Killing endangered wildlife for pleasure is helping to push those species even further towards extinction.

Green Future News is supporting the CAMPAIGN TO BAN TROPHY HUNTING.

We call for:

  1. Governments to ban trophy hunting, and the import and export of hunting trophies
  2. Effective enforcement of existing national and international laws against trophy hunting, with tough penalties for offenders
  3. An immediate halt to the trade in trophies of vulnerable, threatened or endangered species
  4. Trophy hunting exemptions to be removed from existing international conservation agreements
  5. Negotiations to commence on a comprehensive global agreement banning trophy hunting

The claims that trophy hunting supports conservation are unproven at best, and deliberately misleading at worst, as are claims that it is helping to alleviate poverty in rural Africa. Those who say they support conservation and poverty eradication should do this directly, rather than hide behind these as excuses to justify their love of bloodsports.

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Botswana is the last safe haven for Africa’s elephants. It’s a refuge for ONE THIRD of the species’ remaining population. This is in large part thanks to a BAN on trophy hunting.

Now, though, the country’s Parliament wants to make trophy hunting LEGAL. Botswana’s President has launched a public consultation. Make your voice heard – BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Contact His Excellency Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi, the President of the Republic of Botswana, TODAY via:


  1. The population of elephants has plummeted in recent years. There were over 1 million African elephants as recently as the 1970s, and perhaps as many as 5 or even 10 million at the beginning of the 20th century. Ivory poaching and trophy hunting have been among the key contributors to the drop in its numbers.
  2. Botswana is home to around 130,000 elephants – ONE THIRD of the estimated total population of 415,000 African elephants.
  3. Botswana today has TWICE as many elephants as any other African nation.
  4. The elephants’ range has halved in the last 40 years. Less than 20% of its current habitat is in protected areas.
  5. Trophy hunting of elephants was banned in Botswana in 2014 by the country’s then-President Ian Khama because of declining numbers. However Botswana’s Parliament has just passed a motion calling for an urgent lifting of the ban. (Members of Parliament there say that trophy hunting should be allowed in areas that are not designated as game reserves or national parks.)
  6. The country’s new President Mokgweetsi Masisi, who took up office in April of this year, has launched a public consultation about lifting the trophy hunting ban. His Vice President, Slumber Tsogwane, supports the lifting of the ban.
  7. Last November, US President Donald Trump decided to allow elephant trophies to be imported into the US again. Since the year 2000, the US has imported nearly 5,000 elephant trophies. Two out of every 3 trophy hunters is American.
  8. Trophy hunting of elephants is currently allowed in Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Some of these countries have seen dramatic falls in elephant numbers.
  9. In Zimbabwe, populations have collapsed by between 40 and 75% in different parts of the country. The elephant population has fallen by 60% in just 5 years in Tanzania, and has halved in Mozambique. Zambia once had one of Africa’s largest elephant populations as recently as the late 1960s, with numbers estimated at over 200,000. Now though there could be fewer than 10,000 animals remaining.
  10. Claims that trophy hunting could help fund conservation are hotly disputed. The UN World Tourism Organisation says trophy hunting brings in just 1.8 percent of tourism revenue compared to 80% for wildlife watching.

Don’t forget to share the hashtags #dontshootelephants #botswana on social media!


Hunt thugs have attacked people with baseball bats, stabbed them, beaten them up in their homes, set fire to cars…Yet not a single one has EVER seen the inside of a prison cell.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Green Future News have joined forces – to get justice for persecuted animals, and for the brave people who put their lives on the line to protect them.

Bill Oddie OBE and Peter Egan are also now backing the campaign too!

Please read the petition below – and please sign and share! We’ve only got a few days before the Attorney General decided whether or not to send this case to the Court of Appeal.

Thank you,

Eduardo – Editor, Green Future News


We, the undersigned, join Sir Ranulph Fiennes in calling for the lenient sentences given to George and Thomas Grant to be reviewed, and for all hunt thugs who attack and assault people to receive their just deserts.


Two hunters – George and Thomas Grant – have walked free from court after pleading guilty to a brutal attack on wildlife crime investigators that nearly killed a former police officer and left him with a broken neck.

The two were among a gang of 6 – four of them wearing balaclavas – who are allegedly part of a hunt which was being monitored for possible illegal hunting. Despite the ban on hunting, dozens of hunts across the country continue to illegally and cruelly hunt thousands of foxes – including young cubs – as well as deer and hares for so-called ‘sport’.

After they were arrested, the pair repeatedly refused to comment when asked by police about the identities of the other four men involved, who are still at large. They have never shown any remorse for their crimes.

After hearing a character reference from the older sister of the late Princess Diana, the judge at Leicester Crown Court gave them a suspended sentence and community service, and told the men to pay their victim just £500 in compensation.

We are concerned that letting these two off with a slap on the wrist may be seen by hunts as a ‘green light’ to continue to carry out brutal assaults without fear of serious consequences.

It is the latest in a string of violent attacks carried out by hunt thugs who have walked free from court. They include:
• hunt supporters attacking a vehicle with baseball bats, dragging the occupants from their vehicle, and punching and kicking them repeatedly;
• hunt supporters attacking people with knives, leaving at least one with serious stab wounds;
• 12 members of a hunt viciously attacking a pensioner after she complained about a hunt trespassing on her land, leaving the woman – who was in her 60s – with serious injuries;
• hunt supporters wearing masks and carrying hammers smashing a car windscreen and rear windows;
• a campaigner being left with broken ribs and a collapsed lung following an assault by hunt supporters who then blocked the road preventing an ambulance from reaching her;
• hunt thugs breaking the leg of a protester by pinning him down and smashing his leg with a large boulder;
• a hunt protester being left critically injured after being attacked and ridden down by hunters; and
• anti-hunt campaigners being hit on the head with a pistol, having their cars rammed and set on fire, and being attacked with baseball bats in their own home.

Hunts have been known to bring in as many as 30 or 40 thugs, often wearing masks or balaclavas, to prevent observers witnessing alleged illegal hunting. Police and ambulance crews have feared for their own safety when they’ve been called to attend.

No hunter or hunt supporter has even been jailed for these appalling acts of violence. Unless the criminal justice system takes this issue seriously, it is only a matter of time until someone is killed.

We therefore call on the Attorney General to review the sentence passed down by Leicester Crown Court for being unduly lenient, and to ensure that in future all those responsible for such violent assaults receive the appropriate custodial sentences.



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