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Climate change is the biggest challenge humanity has arguably ever faced – alongside the nuclear arms race. Yet it rarely makes the headlines. Scientists tell us we may have just 60 harvests left on Earth – the implications of which are colossal. Animal cruelty is on the rise – yet despite the fact it is a reliable predictor of serious and violent crime, is often overlooked. Over 90% of war victims are civilians – many of them children – yet the real human cost of conflict and the arms race is rarely told in the mainstream media.

Green Future News looks at the BIG ISSUES including climate change, human rights and animal welfare .

Green Future News was set up by Eduardo Goncalves, who has spent nearly 30 years reporting and campaigning on climate change, conservation, animal welfare, homelessness, civil liberties, and disarmament. He recently stepped down as CEO of League Against Cruel Sports, where he was described in the national media as “Britain’s leading anti-hunting campaigner”, and where he succeeded in persuading the government to increase sentences for animal cruelty as well as stop plans to legalise hunting wild animals for sport.

His career has taken in leading roles at WWF, the RSPB, CND and Charter 88. He was co-founder of SOS Lynx – the campaign to save the world’s most endangered big cat – and Kidney Kids. He has also been a political adviser in the US, UK and UAE, and an investigative journalist and contributor with the Sunday Times, The Observer and the BBC. He is author of books on the Iberian Lynx, nuclear disarmament, and military research in Britain’s Universities. He is also author of the WWF Little Book of One Planet Living.

With Green Future News, he combines his powerful journalistic, broadcasting and campaigning skills to set out a compelling case for a low carbon economy, conservation of the world’s forests and species, tackling animal abuse, and promoting social justice.

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